Frequently Asked

Where do the classes take place?
We are located in North Perth near to the motor mile.  The exact address is Unit 7, Kilda Place, Perth, PH1 3RL.

Is there free parking?
Yes there is lots of parking in Kilda Place and on nearby streets, for free.

How much are classes?
Please see the individual class pages for prices.

Do I need to be super fit to join in?
No you don't as we will modify the moves to suit your ability and experience.  We want you to come and enjoy becoming fit with us.

I have an injury, am pregnant or have a long term health condition, can I join in?
Please get in touch and discuss with us before you attend a class.  Some activities for example are not suitable if you have a back problem, are pregnant etc.

What should I wear for aerial acrobatic classes?
You must wear clothing that covers your whole leg to the ankle and a top that covers your torso completely.  Long sleeves are preferred so please bring a long sleeve t-shirt that you can throw on over your vest or t-shirt.  Men usually wear joggers or long tights with shorts over the top. If unsure please contact us. Please avoid ZIPS on clothing as they damage the equipment.

Does aerial acrobatics hurt?
Some of the equipment and moves in aerial can pinch a bit, and you may find that you pick up a few bruises.  No pain no gain right?  Well no, please tell us if something hurts you.  We will explain to you some of the moves which might feel uncomfortable, and generally the more that you perform a move or skill, the better you be and the less it will be uncomfortable.

Warm up stretching before class