Sunday, 4 January 2015

Breezing into New Year

Happy New Year circus fans!

It's been a busy few weeks in the adventure circus office working on insurance, risk assessments and funding applications.  Luckily it was not all work though...

Today I visited my friend Anne who has a training space in her business warehouse.  We have both been in London over the festive period and so it was so good to train some of the basics before we're back at class in Glasgow this week.  Anne has a worksheet and we ticked off pretty much everything, and added a few extras for fun such as two finger pull ups, but I may have cheated with the rubber band for that...

Since being back from London I'm really missing the amazing hot yoga studio in Beckenham.  The heat is great, makes you feel calm and flexy and the practice is great for weary (and not so weary) aerial bodies.

So far I have tried hot vinyasa, hot yoga flow and hot dynamic yoga.  Dynamic is definitely my favourite.  I wish there was a place like this in Perth!

 The hot studio