Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Three's A Crowd

Recently I went to see the show 'Three's a Crowd' by All or Nothing which was part of the Manipulate Festival.

It's an aerial dance theatre show, currently touring Scotland and involves harness flying, aerial acrobatics, circus, dance and theatre.  I saw it at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, which has an excellent bar in the belly of the building.

I think if you enjoy being an aerialist it's really important to see as many different shows as you can, and talk about them afterwards with others.  Sometimes I go to see shows twice, as there is so much to see you always spot something new the second time.  Also some shows substitute acts and so it is worth the effort to go again.

Three's A Crowd was the first show I've seen that is mainly harness work.  This was interesting for me by I could not help but wish there was more 'pure' aerial in the show (sorry Jen, I can't help but feel the love for aerial, however I will say the performers made it look easy, and I know it is far from easy to do what they all didl!)

I loved the silks routine towards the end of the show and also the part where the girl walked over her fellow male performer (hard to describe but it was like she was as light as a feather as he held her up as she walked using lots of parts of his body - it was quite mesmerising).

So well done to everyone at All or Nothing.  Next up is Cirque Eloize - Circopolis in April.