Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Planning, promo and Ninja Warrior call up!

It's always interesting when lots of good things happen in a short space of time.  I am guilty of trying to cram loads in all the time, but you only get one life, so why not!

Plans are coming together to get the first few taster classes up and running, I am thinking to offer a wee session for free to a lucky few who don't mind getting their photo taken.  It's all about the promo right now and everyone likes an amazing photo to put on social media.  No? ah that's just me then!  Talking of social media, welcome to our followers and likers out there.  Please share the link and let people know that something exciting is happening in Perth!

In amongst all this is the news yesterday (Monday) that I'm heading to Manchester to be part of a new TV show, Ninja Warrior UK (google it)!  It's a bit like Total Wipeout but for tougher people, but having spent a bit of time on the contestants forum, I think I need to get some more training in. Plus, you don't get a shot of the course before it is your turn, so I don't expect to last more than 10 seconds, but I'll take 10 seconds of fame on prime time ITV like anyone else would!

So keep your eyes peeled for the promo freebie session and other taster classes being open for bookings.  I'll get them open asap.


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