Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dubai Circus School

I'm in Dubai just now and after a quick Google I found myself at the Dubai circus school, well actually after a google and then a train ride followed by a 45minute walk across a massive building site, motorway bridge and horse racing track in 35 degree heat (not recommended) I got there.

Javier was really welcoming and it looked like I was on for a 1-1 class until a few more circus fans showed up.  I loved the warm up but boy was it hard (especially after my hike!!)

We worked mostly on silks and I learned some cool new moves as well as helping the class to learn a new sequence which was great fun.  I wish I could have trained again with them, but technically I was on holiday so opted for some RnR on the Palm instead :)

Javier (right) and the Dubai Circus School girls
Burj Al Arab yoga