Sunday, 3 May 2015

TV debut

May 2 was an exciting night in Bridge of Earn! A fair few of my family and friends gathered to watch my TV debut on Ninja Warrior, which was very generous of them to give me their time as there was no guarantee I was going to make it on the box!

With the triathlonscotland projector set up in my living room creating a 'big screen' we were delighted to see that I made it into episode 4 in the first 10 minutes of the show.  My mum was the bigger hit though making it also on the TV, A LOT! She is doing 60 challenges so this was one well and truly ticked off.

I was most delighted that Ben Shepherd managed to make note of the fact I was an amateur circus performer - professional now Ben - and that mum and I featured for a whopping 2.5 minutes before I was slam dunked into the water.  It was so much fun and so being on TV could turn into a very interesting hobby...

The Ring Toss - 'just one toss to far'
My mum Siné on the telly!