Sunday, 26 July 2015

Freefall at The Florrie

Sometimes my work takes me out of Scotland and so this week I was in Liverpool for the British Triathlon Championships.  Liverpool despite being a very cool city, does not have much of a circus scene going on, but luckily after a trusty google and a quick FB message I arrived just in time to train with Freefall at the Florence Institute which is an even cooler space than the Circus House in Manchester, although they do not have it exclusively.

It is such a bright and cheerful space, and not a neon strip light in sight, bliss!

Nick had just been at a workshop with Emiliano Ron (a-mazin rope artist) and was full of beans about everything that he had learned.  I was very jealous as I have only managed one hour of training with Emiliano in the past and Nick had enjoyed 3 days!!