Sunday, 5 April 2015

#circus and CirqueEloize

If the only thing airs from my Ninja Warrior UK debut on the telly is my marker pen hashtag, I'll be happy! What an amazing experience, I can't wait to watch it all back and then perhaps take the contest more seriously and start training again for the next series...!!

In other news, it was off to Edinburgh to see Cirque du Soleils sexier cousin, Cirque Eloize at the fabby Festival Theatre. The industrial set was really gritty but drew you right into the Cirkopolis theme as the graphics moved and walls rotated. The acts were stunning and personal highlights were the Cyr wheel, German Wheel and an incredible hand balancer who was not scared of heights...

Just before filming with the banner my mum made!

After the show with friends from Spinal Chord