Monday, 5 October 2015

What is Test Town anyway?!

So we have been selected to take part in a national young entrepreneur competition - Test Town - where businesses get to try out their idea in their city centre to help their business to grow.  Great right!

There are 7 businesses from Perth taking part and include Rana from Salon Spa and Angels and Eva from Eva Christie hand knitting.

We took part in the launch event on 3 October and it was a great day!  We were situated in the St John's centre and did not stop all day as kids were really eager to have a go at aerial acrobatics.

Next up is a week long trading during the October holidays and we will also be working on preparing our business plan and presentation to the Test Town panel.

If we win the Perth heat, we will then go on to the grand final where we stand to win a £10,000 business development grant.  So we really want to win!