Monday, 16 November 2015

Back to (rigging) school

Another big tick in the box for the development of Adventure Circus was to head to London to take part in an aerial rigging course so that we can better understand the physics and dynamics of what keeps us safe in the air.

Now at Adventure Circus we are very risk adverse, and our permanent rigging is in the hands of a more qualified and experienced rigger, but from time to time we need to take down our equipment for shows, community events and general safety inspections, and so it was essential that we did this course.

The training took place at My Aerial Home in Sydenham in Amanda Miles Robin's purpose built aerial warehouse and it is THE DADDY of spaces! Like aerial heaven!

For two days we learned about components, forces, pulleys, did some maths and even had to do a test which was a bit of a blast from the past.  There were also practical sessions where we had to rig a pulley and rescue a harness performer from height which involved absailing off a platform being the rescuer and the rescuee.  Tough stuff!

But we got through it and have certificates to add to our wall of achievement!

Aerial space ambitions

Tutor Brian doing the math