Monday, 25 January 2016

Faces in the papers

The Test Town experience is now bringing us Scottish National and UK National media coverage which is fantastic for our promotion of the circus school, performance work and of course the big competition in February.  Here is a short round up of what's been happening!

The Mail on Sunday financial section

On Wednesday 20th we met with Kirsty and the team from Carnegie Trust UK to attend a planning meeting at The Briggait where the main Test Town welcome experience is going to be held, and where we will be situated alongside Ddraig Valley Farm and Fy Siop Fferm and two young musicians.

The1873 Hall is the perfect venue for us as it is a huge space with loads of potential!  We are already working out how we want to fill the space, and we want it to be busy so our aim is to be as interactive and as colourful as possible.

Just round the corner in Saltmarket, the other businessess will be in the following units;

No 30 Saltmarket- Test Town Artisan and Craft where Forest-and-Found and Adriana Tavares Rugs will be.

No 146 Saltmarket- Test Town Occasions and Gifts  where Maley's Chocolates and The Winter Sparrow Collection will be

No 174 Saltmarket- Test Town Occasions and Gifts where Panda's Kitchen, AM Wedding and Events, Karen's Cakes and The Olive Mill.

Featured alongside Karen's Cakes, a fellow competitor in the Daily Record (Saturday magazine)

After the tour of the Briggait we met with Aerial Edge to introduce ourselves properly (they train at the Briggait) and then we were off to another amazing venue called St Luke's to meet with a client for a birthday booking in April (more of that to come...!)

So since a busy Wednesday we have been planning planning planning and making a start on our quest for promotional excellence.  It's no easy task, but we are determined to win so it'll all be worth it!


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