Sunday, 28 February 2016

Devastated! But very proud.

Hi everyone, the Test Town result has been decided and we are devastated to say we didnt win the £10,000 cry emoti
As you know we put our hearts and souls into the competition and it's been a really tough afternoon for us.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the competition and to Carnegie UK Trust for working with PKC to bring the competition to Perth. It was amazing seeing all of the other businesses flourish and we wish everyone well for the future.
We want to say a massive thank you to all of the people who have helped us get to Glasgow for the event...
To All or Nothing in Edinburgh for agreeing to hire us their amazing aerial rig, RockGelly in Fife for lending us their crash mats, Triathlon Scotland for lending us their blue carpet and set backdrop, Trilogy Services for lending us a van and an amazing driver smile emoticon , Perth Phoenix Cheer for lending us their training space so that we could train our acts, to Laura McAlesse for getting me added to the Scottish Primary Teacher page and to our fab participants from West Mains School and St Matthews School.  To our fierce audiences, and our friends and family for supporting us by bringing their friends too.
To our amazing class students coming to help – Kay especially for the photos, Gemma for helping to teach and packing up, Shirley for finding lots of props and coming to support us, Suzie B for the kids amazing and realistic showbox artwork, Theresa and Suzie for coming to support us and our young aerialists who came all the way from Perth to see the show and play with us after.
Our amazing friends and family for hosting and helping us during the week (Soozie, Maz, Gordon and Ann) and Gemma’s husband Greg for putting up with her circus obsession and always helping us out when we need him.
To our show stopping collaboration acts – Volcanic Ash, Holly Hoopdizzle, LJ Movement, AshLee, The Siren (Ann P) and the amazing captain of the ship Thistle Suite who was thrown in to the deep end to do every single show!
And finally to Jo, Darren and Dylan, for being 100% with us every step of the way, even through our tears! We are so happy we were able to give you your first opportunity to perform and we are forever grateful for the love and support you give us. 
Onwards and upwards ‪#‎teamfabulous


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