Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Award Winners!

We were delighted to win a social enterprise growth award recently and attended the inaugural Tay Cities social enterprise awards ceremony in Dundee.
Held in DC Thomson’s headquarters in Meadowside, it brought together a wealth of talent from Fife, Perth and Kinross, Dundee and Angus.
The regional awards celebrated the activity of social enterprises and their achievements in supporting local communities last year.
The Tayside and Fife Partnership, linked to the Tay Cities Deal, is helping to foster an environment in which social enterprises can grow in size and strength.
The winners were: 
New Start Up: Benarty Community Shop; first finalist Le Hands; second finalist Dundee City Pipe Band.
Innovative Idea: The Home Straight; first finalist Dot Coach; second finalist Showcase The Street.
Growth Award: Adventure Circus; first finalist Uppertunity; second finalist Scrapantics.
Social Impact Award: Angus Cycle Hub; first finalist Dundee And Angus ADHD Support Group; second finalist Dundee International Women’s Centre – Rise and Childcare Service.
Young Social Entreprenuer: Danielle Gaffney du Plooy; first finalist Deborah Chapman, How It Felt; second finalist Ross Inglis, Dundee City Pipe Band.
Aidan Pia, executive director of Senscot, Scotland’s network for social enterprises, said: “It was really encouraging to see and hear so many great stories of local social enterprise doing their very best to provide such a range of valuable services to local communities. 
“These organisations reflect the important contribution social enterprise makes within these communities. 
“It is also good to see the collaboration taking place between different areas in Tayside which, hopefully, can be replicated elsewhere.”
The awards were delivered by Angus Council, Dundee Council, Dundee Social Enterprise Network, Dundee Third Sector Interface, Fife Council and Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Services.