Join in the fun of acrobalance!

When: Sunday
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Who for: Adults and young people (age 12+)
Where: Unit 7, Kilda Place, Perth, PH1 3RL
Teacher: Suzie B
Cost: £32.50 

Class dates: We are having a break in classes while we prepare for our November show.

Acrobalance is a gymnastic / circus art which put simply is partner lifting. We have the following acrobalance sessions

* Monday 8pm - Intermediate (instructor session / by invitation). Make up class option for Sunday.
* Sunday 3pm - Beginners (all welcome from age 12+)

In these weekly sessions we explore the the individual development of particular dynamic moves often used in partner lifting and catching, such as handstanding, cartwheeling, and positioning for basing another person.

The session then moves onto creating the formation moves themselves. These are a combination of standing and lying moves (where the base is positioned on the ground).

The moves attempted are tailored to the ability of the individual and we are particularly looking to attract people of all sizes to try out this exciting activity and join us in learning lots of very cool moves.

Moreover, if you enjoy weight training then this could be the place to put all that muscle to good use!

You don't need to come with a partner, and we always focus on trust and safety.

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